"If we cling only to that which we know, then we'll only know that to which we cling."  

I am married and have five children. My wife is Kristy and our kids are Luke, Levi, Lars, Savannah, and Sophie. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kristy and I met and were married in California where we lived for the first several years of our marriage.

I enjoy reading, writing, physics, chemistry, philosophy, history, and astronomy. I enjoy almost any topic and am always eager to learn new things. If I had my druthers, I would be a life-long student.

Camping is among our favorite activities and I take my family, or at least the boys, camping two or three times a year. Kristy and Savannah especially like it when I take the boys... they enjoy staying home and having their Girls Night. I enjoy public speaking and speak professionally as often as I am able.

I recently broke the World Record for the fastest memorization of a 28 digit number (see here).